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Why a celebrant led wedding may be more perfect for you than you think...

Updated: Feb 13

When imagining your ceremony, you are thinking of standing in front of your one true love, saying your vows in-front of your nearest and dearest and celebrating that magical moment of saying I-Do! So what's the difference between a civil ceremony or a blessing?

Many people choose to have a civil ceremony as they would like the "legal bit" to all be done at once by signing of the register. We get it. That moment of being bound to one another legally is a truly tremendous part of a ceremony. However, we are here to enlighten you about Celebrant-led weddings, and why they are on the rise.


There are no restrictions on words that can or cannot be used (civil ceremonies are strictly non-religious, they restrict songs and readings that contain certain religious words) so you are free to incorporate both of your faiths and beliefs within your ceremony. Many celebrants offer "hand-fasting" or even cocktail making (not allowed in a civil ceremony) as a way of bringing two people together in a creative way. Such as our in-house celebrant Nichola who says this;


"A celebrant led ceremony allows you to have something totally bespoke and unique. I bring less "pomp" and more "ceremony" to the most important part of your day... I will create a memory you'll cherish forever, leaving your guests feeling they witnessed something incredibly special."

- Bespoke Celebrant Ceremonies


You may choose to do the legal part either before or after your ceremony at your registry office. One of our recent weddings didn't tell their guests they had already been "officially" married and their guests did not know any different! We had comments such as "I have never been to a ceremony like that before!" and "Wow I can't believe how personal and touching that was."

So if you are looking for an alternative wedding ceremony that screams personality, fun and a lot of love. Have a look into celebrant-led ceremonies and see how they could be the perfect fit for you. The Willow Woods is an ideal setting for your outdoor ceremony and we hope that our couples get on board with hosting their celebrations in style with us.

Love, Meadow & Marquee xXx

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